Albania is a small country in the west of the Balkans peninsula, sharing borders with Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Greece. You might have heard of Albania as a country with a strong communist dictatorship that lasted about half a century, or you might have heard of Albanian places making their way up to top destination lists year after year in prestigious magazines or websites. Either way, with the tours in Albania you can understand that it still remains one of the least discovered countries in Europe, hiding behind that Mediterranean coastline it’s jewels.

If you are a summer person, then the Mediterranean is the right area for you, and the Albanian coastline might just be the perfect pick for your summer vacations. Virgin unspoiled beaches, either small pebbles or white/golden sand is there to give life to your dreams of a beach paradise. The beauty of the land, combined with the clarity of the crystal clear blue waters of the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, accompanied with a climate of more than 280 sunny days a year, will make you come to Albania every summer.

But maybe you are a mountain person? Then the rugged Albanian mountainous area is your choice. The stunning view of the Albanian Alps makes everyone feel free and embraced by nature. And speaking of nature, gorgeous view you can also get in the Easter Albanian Mountains, where the thick forests make you wonder if you are lost in its mids. Or either you would prefer mountains that go directly to the sea? Maybe kayaking in the rushing waters surrounded by the Canyon of Osum? All you have to do is to choose.

And if you would prefer to check out some history spots on our tours in Albania, then you will have a harder time making your pick. The history of Albania goes quite far back, with the first settlements around 500 BC from the Illyrian tribes. From history, Albania has inherited a vast number of castles, historical and archaeological sites, all waiting for you to discover.

So, from which part of Albania do you choose to be amazed?

Population: 2.9 million | Capital: Tirana | Language: Albanian | Surface: 28,748km2


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